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Getting Started


Getting Started with the Baja Engine

Welcome to the Baja Engine! If you have no prior video game creation experience, you should start with the Your First Game tutorial.

Softimage XSI Support

The above tutorial is based on Baja's integrated level editor. The Baja engine also supports Softimage XSI. Only commercial version of XSI 4,5,and 6 are supported, the Softimage Mod Tool is NOT supported.

If you want to use XSI as your level editor, first go to the XSI Installation guide, and then go through the Your First Game XSI tutorial, or view the Main documentation.

Other Editors

While not entirely supported, it is possible to use Baja with other editors. View documentation on Maya Installation,Max Installation,Other Installation.

Good Luck!

If you need help, post your question to our Forum . Typically, one of our developers or another user can answer your questions in under a day.