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Your First Game



This tutorial is under construction. We apologize for the inconvenience - the integrated Baja editor was a new features in 2.7, and it hasn't stabilized enough to completely document it yet.

Softimage XSI

If you're using Softimage XSI as your level editor, see Your First Game XSI.

Getting Started

Two Handed Modeling

The editor is designed to allow the artist to accomplish all tasks without moving their left hand from the left side of the keyboard and their right hand from the mouse (or vice-versa). To facilitate this, all tools have a keyboard command, in addition to a button in the gui. Learning the keyboard commands can greatly increase modeling speed.

Tool Model

In the Baja editor, you interact with your scene through the use of tools. For example, there is a tool to select objects, a tool to move them, a tool to move the camera, etc. All of Baja's tools are displayed on the left toolbar. Tools may have multiple auxiliary functions (given on the right toolbar) that are only accessible when that tool is active, so not all commands are available at all times. All toolbar icons display their function and their equivalent keyboard command when the mouse is placed over them.

Temporary Tools

Often, you will want to use two tools 'at once' to accomplish a task. For example, you may want to select some objects spread around your level while moving the camera, or move polygons while also being able to select them. The Baja editor allows you to do this by using a 'Temporary Tool', which is activated by holding down the tool's key.

For example, imagine needing to select a group of objects while also moving the camera (because not all objects are visible from one point). Enter object select mode by pressing space. Then, select all of the objects visible from that viewpoint. Then, activate the camera navigation tool as a 'Temporary Tool' by pressing s and holding it down. Now, you can use the mouse to move around the scene as you normally would when the camera navigation tool is selected. When you've moved to a point where you can view the other objects you want to select, release the s key. Repeat.

'GUI' Tools

Some tools (such as the script editor) run in a different GUI. These tools are displayed on the top toolbar. The keyboard commands for this type of tool are all alt-something

You can also activate a 'Temporary GUI' by holding down the key instead of tapping it, similar to 'Temporary Tools'.

Expert Mode

If you have memorized the keyboard commands for the tools and their functions, the toolbars are no longer necessary as all functions can be accessed faster via the keyboard. To disable the toolbars, giving you a larger viewport to view your scene, press ctrl-i to enable 'expert mode'. Press ctrl-i again to restore the toolbars.

Where to go from here

After you have completed your first simple game, you will want to consult the rest of the documentation to learn how to create your game. Some good articles to read after this one are Lua Basics,Cutscenes,and GUIs. You can also take a look at how the Techdemo is put together.

If you want to share the simple game here with others, see the Distributing tutorial.