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fontmaker.exe is used to generate .lmf font files that the engine can read. Typically, the license to a font states that it can be freely used but can't be distributed. This program allows you to take a .ttf font file and render it at a specified size, and then distribute the rendered file, which is within the terms of the license agreement.


Note: see Using The Command Line if you don't know how to use command line utilities.

Fontmaker takes a single argument, the path to a script file. This script should contain all the fonts that are used by your project. This lets you compile all your fonts with one command, and records the fonts and sizes that you use in case you forget in the future.


fontmaker fontscript.txt

The script file should be formatted like this:


#this is the folder where to fonts will go

#fontfile.ttf outfile.lmf fontsize
myfont.ttf myfont.lmf 12
myfont.ttf myfont24.lmf 24


Early versions of fontmaker didn't use a script so make sure that you're using the latest version of the Baja engine.