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Compiling on Mac - OS X 10.4 / XCode 2.4

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carbonization Posted: March 11, 2009, 3:37 PM quote

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I had to make some adjustments to build with the included XCode projects.

1.) The includes for <al.h> & <alc.h> need to be changed to #include <OpenAL/al.h> & #include <OpenAL/alc.h>

2.) In freetype/gziphack.c line #71
#include "../../freetype2.3.1/src/gzip/ftgzip.c"
wasn't found so I removed it and linked libfreetype.6.dylib that I already had in /usr/local

3.) ode/ode.h didn't exist so I removed the existing ODE group from the project, then built & installed ODE into /usr/local and linked the resulting libode.a to the project.

4.) libogg & libvorbis were also acting up (threw up 400-something errors, something dependency wasn't being found), so I built & installed to /usr/local and linked libogg.0.5.3.dylib, libvorbis.0.4.0.dylib, and libvorbisfile.3.2.0.dylib to the project.

5.) Added /usr/local/include to the header search path.

It seems to be running fine, but I'm wondering if any issues may arise, especially pertaining to removing freetype/gziphack.c. Also, completely off-topic, is there any chance of widening the site layout? It feels a bit claustrophobic. Anyhow thanks for releasing the source, hope I can make something cool with it.
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James Posted: April 5, 2009, 6:23 PM quote

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I think this is just due to incompatibilities with the older version of xcode (I built using 3.1). If you got it to build it should be fine, I just included the source of the various required libraries so that people don't have to track them all down b/c there are a ton of them. gziphack was just a hack to get freetype to build cleanly on all of the platforms iirc.

I would recommend upgrading to xcode 3.1 though, iirc it's free from apple and fixes some problems.


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