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My Adventure RPG WIP - A game that I am working on

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Kevin Tillman Posted: April 5, 2010, 4:28 AM quote

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This game is called "Whats Bugging You!?"


-The environments in the game range from a freeway underpass to a large garden, forst, underground sewers etc- He will also come across a mountain that he must climb in order to investigate a strange house that resides at the tip.


The characters in the game are from two different types.
1. Human characters
- The main character which is the boy named Josh
- A school friend that aids josh on his journey named Rebecca
2. Enemy characters
- NPC's range from ladybug insects to grasshoppers to centipedes etc.


-The game will be borrowing elemens from The Legend of Zelda and Mario64. Centered heavily on exploration like Mario64 with a rich story and battles between the enemies in a more action RPG style of gameplay such as Zelda.


-The art style in the game will have rich and colorful scenery with a theme geared more towards nature.

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