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Hardware Compatibility

This table lets to client control the workarounds for various graphics card vendors and models. It is initialized to values that we've found work well, but new driver releases and experiences in the field may require the user to changes these values if they want to get the engine working on a particular hardware combination.

The vendor and model strings used here are the ones returned by OpenGl. To determine a card's vendor/model, run the engine on the card and look in renderer.log - the strings are given as VENDOR: and RENDERER:.


--note: these are just examples, not recommended configurations

--disables shaders on all models of Intel cards on windows

--enables shaders on Intel GMA965 cards on all platforms

slowTextureLevel [Boolean]

This disables an optimization that allows the engine to swap in lower resolution textures (to save video memory) without actually reuploading. Some cards do not support this properly.

mixer1_hardware_vp [String]

Shader workaround.

mixer2_hardware_vp [String]

Shader workaround.

mixer3_hardware_vp [String]

Shader workaround.

mixer1_fp [String]

Shader workaround.

shaders [Boolean]

if false, disables all shaders.