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Downloading Baja Source Code

The Baja Engine source code is publicly accessible on our SVN server. The address of the Baja source is:


Building On Windows:
The engine has only been tested to compile correctly with Visual Studio 2008 on windows. The free Visual Studio Express Edition and Visual Studio 2007 should work fine, but haven't been tested. The MSVC project file is located at msvc2008/bajaengine.vcproj. There are various configurations available depending on which version of the engine you want to build. Built binaries are placed automatically in builds_windows/baja/tools.

Building On Mac OS X:
The Baja source has only been compiled with XCode 3.0 on Mac Os X (available freely from Apple). It should also compile on XCode 2.0 but this hasn't been tested. The XCode project file is located at xcode/xcode.xcodeproj. Various configuration are available depending on desired engine features. Binaries are placed automatically in builds_mac/baja/tools. You may need to install x11, available on your OS X install CD, as the engine requires some libraries from this package that may not be on your computer (freetype).

Building On Linux:
Linux makefiles are provided in the directory linux/. Currently, only the headless version of the engine can be built on Linux.

Submitting Patches

We welcome bug fixes, new features, and comments on our source code. To submit a patch, Click 'Contact Us' at the bottom of this page and send us a quick message describing your patch. Be sure to choose the topic 'Patches/Source' and leave an Email Address for us to contact you at. We will get in touch with you and coordinate integrating your patch into the official repository over email. Thanks!


The Baja Source is licensed under the BSD License.