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ALPHA 2.8 Release Notes [12/23/08]

This release corresponds with the new BSD licensed open source release of the Baja source code. It is not yet available as a binary.

-engine.framebufferEffect now works
-level.mask now works, allowing for effects like the portals in Valve's portal.

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ALPHA 2.7.5 Release Notes [9/13/07]

This release focused on internal improvements to improve compatibility with various hardware, in additon to performance improvements.

-startup crash fixed on Intel cards, and various other cards (radeon 9200). Unfortunately, Intel cards will not run our shaders currently due to driver bugs (?) so they're disabled by default.
-We exposed some internal compatibility structures in lua via hardware.compatibility to allow the client (you) to tweak our hardware compatibility in case we made a mistake or drivers change between releases. Nobody should have to worry about this... just assume the values we provide are correct.
-Various draw optimizations including frustum culling and z-sorting, which increased performance by up to 2x in some scenes.
-picking optimizations, the engine no longer uses OpenGl's picker (leading to a vast performance increase on some cards).
-Some editor fixes but it's still not usable.
-Some undo/redo functionality added to editor.
-Dynamic loading/deleting bug fixes.
-new engine.minimumHardwareDebug flag added for simulating old hardware.
-new function, engine.saveFramebuffer.

Download ALPHA 2.7

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ALPHA 2.7 Release Notes [8/1/07]

-new objects: 2d circle, sphere, disk
-new 'custom' object that lets you create your own object types -new 'track' function
-console/debug interface improvements
-mac automatic logs folder creation
-linux build of engineHeadless
-instancing system
-beta version of Baja editor
-gl now accessible from lua
-2d panel picker rewritten, now considerably faster
-obj import
-fontmaker now takes a script like lmtpacker/lmscompiler

ALPHA 2.6.5 Release Notes [5/15/07]

-Startup crash on Windows fixed
-fontmaker bugs fixed
-misc fixes

ALPHA 2.6 Release Notes

-The ODE physics engine is compiled into this release, but it's disabled because it's not ready yet!
-Softimage can now export linear and NURBS curves, but the engine can only display linear curves
-The techdemo now includes examples of different control schemes (AWSD, inverted mouse)
-The techdemo now includes an example of textbox input
-Various small bug fixes